Tuesday 6 December 2011

Are you ready for snow and ice?

The UK has had its first snowfall of this winter. Have you got everything you need to cope with the unpredictable winter weather? The best advice for all drivers is to Be Prepared and Plan Ahead.

Keep an eye on the weather reports and give yourself extra time in the morning to de-ice the car. Wherever possible, plan your route via main roads as these will be the ones that are gritted first and safest to use.
Make sure you have at least half a tank of fuel in case you are delayed in traffic or in bad road conditions and keep boots, a warm coat and a charged mobile phone in the car for emergencies.

If you do become stuck in snow, move your vehicle slowly backwards and forward out of the rut using the highest possible gear. Revving your engine may only make the rut worse.

Make sure your battery, lights and wipers are up to the challenges of winter.  Find a garage near you offering a Winter Check at http://www.goodgaragescheme.co.uk/winter_check

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