Tuesday 29 November 2011

Win a Free Tank of Fuel

Excitement is mounting as we approach the half millionth feedback entry on the Good Garage Scheme’s website. To celebrate such a momentous achievement, the Good Garage Scheme is rewarding the lucky customer who submits the 500,000th feedback with a Free tank of fuel.  With fuel prices as they are these days, that’s quite a prize! 

On average almost 100,000 motorists each year have their say and comment on the service they received at a Good Garage Scheme garage. The invaluable feedback and testimonials then help other consumers make an informed decision. 
We aim to help put the motorist in the driver’s seat when it comes to choosing a garage.

The Good Garage Scheme website is currently displaying over 484,000 feedbacks so it won’t be long before we can announce the lucky winner.

For your chance to win a Free Tank of Fuel, make sure you fill in a feedback next time you visit a Good Garage Scheme member.  To locate a garage you can trust near you, visit www.goodgaragescheme.com

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