Wednesday 16 November 2011

Fair Fuel Campaign Fight in House of Commons

Yesterday the Commons approved a backbench motion challenging the Government to help drivers with the rising cost of fuel.

Campaign group, Fair Fuel UK, and Tory MP, Robert Halfon, gathered over 100,000 signatures on an e-petition demanding that the Government call off a 3p increase in fuel duty due to come into force in January 2012.

The Business Secretary, Liberal Democrat, Mr Vince Cable, indicated yesterday that there wasn’t an easy answer and that he did not wish to raise the expectation of motorists.

The Good Garage Scheme supported the Fair Fuel UK campaign through its social media network and encouraged followers to sign the petition. We continue to support motorists and offer sound advice on saving fuel through our website’s ‘Fuel Savings Tips’ page. Some handy tips include:

•    Service your car regularly
•    Check your tyres
•    Drive at an appropriate speed

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