Thursday 11 August 2011

The Good Garage Scheme continues their look at rules for driving abroad.

A large number of British families, during their summer holiday, will drive while abroad, hoping to find unspoilt beaches or plan excursions “off the beaten track” with their families without the need for a coach full of other tourists and a guide.
Many choose car hire once reaching their destination. One of its main advantages is not having to make mandatory additions to your own vehicle (such as safety measures, additional vehicle documentation/stickers) to comply with other countries’ regulations.

It is important to check the local rules as there are many laws which differ in each country. These include:

•    Speed limits
•    Which side of the road is used
•    Age restrictions on who can hire a car
•    Driver to have had a license for at least a year
•    Zero-tolerance regarding drink-driving
•    International Drivers Permit (IDP) required

Some car hire procedures can also differ from those in the UK. It’s advisable to use a reputable company for your car hire as sometimes it’s worth paying that bit more and getting a better overall deal for your money.
Also, be aware of any extra charges added on that are very common. These can include the following:

•    fuel for the vehicle
•    out of hours services
•    one-way rentals (e.g. travelling to or from an airport by hire car)

Some countries require possession of an International Drivers Permit (IDP) in addition to your own UK driving license. These are only valid for one year and need to be obtained at least three months prior to travel.

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