Thursday 7 July 2011

Continuous Insurance Enforcement affecting all UK motorists is now in force.

As many as around 160 fatalities and 23,000 injuries are estimated to arise as the result of the actions of either uninsured or untraced motorists annually. Premiums of law-abiding motorists currently include an additional £30 annually to cover these actions of the irresponsible.  

Continuous Insurance Enforcement was introduced on 20th June 2011 to tackle this problem and was enforced throughout Great Britain.

This law applies to all motor vehicles on British roads, regardless of their frequency of use, with two exceptions.

1)    A Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) has been made for the vehicle by contacting the DVLA.
2)    Vehicles owned that have been kept off the road longer than the SORN has been in existence (since 31st January 1998) and remain off the road. Vehicles that were off the road at that time and at some point since have been reinstated to use on the road, need to be insured.

Vehicles cannot be taken off-road temporarily to avoid insurance unless you make a SORN simultaneously. At the point when you wish to return the vehicle to use on public roads, the vehicle must be re-insured.

The UK’s Motor Insurance Database (MID) is compared with the DVLA’s records to ascertain if your insurance details are correct and valid. Some insurance brokers are able to amend or update this for their customers so please check to see if yours do as some pass the responsibility of this to their client.

Alternatively you can check your MID details by clicking here.

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