Friday 24 June 2011

Good Garage Scheme to offer insurance protection for damage caused by misfuelling blunders

It is estimated that misfuelling incidents – where motorists fill their diesel-powered vehicle with petrol, or less commonly, put diesel in their petrol-driven vehicle – happen every three and a half minutes.*

Of over 1800 consumers recently surveyed by the Good Garage Scheme, 51% said they or someone they knew had put the wrong type of fuel in a car.

It is very easy to do, especially when sharing cars within a family or using a different car for business travel.  A moment’s distraction can cause an error that could damage your vehicle and leave you with hundreds of pounds worth of repairs.

The Good Garage Scheme is now offering an insurance policy to all motorists to offer peace of mind for less than £2.50 a month.  The insurance policy not only covers for misfuelling, but also includes MOT and Alloy Wheel insurance cover.

For further information about the insurance and to purchase this fantastic offer, please visit

* Figures as result of a recent study carried out by the British Insurance Brokers Association.

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