Tuesday 5 April 2011

Tailgating perceived most dangerous motorway action, Good Garage Scheme reads.

Tailgating has been revealed as the worst action committed while driving on the motorways, in the eyes of 85% of surveyed UK motorists. The findings have been released by road safety and breakdown organisation, GEM Motoring Assist.

Mobile phone use figured next most prominently, followed closely by the act of driving in the middle lane whilst the left hand lane remained vacant.

The most striking statistic is worrying for road safety organisations. Only one in five of the survey participants deemed that drivers’ speed should be more stringently observed, with over 50% of drivers suggesting the national speed limit should rise.

Surveyed participants' top ten motorway dangers:

  1. Tailgating
  2. Driving whilst using a mobile phone
  3. Driving in the middle lane when the left hand lane is empty
  4. Changing lanes without adequate observations or signals
  5. Driving on the hard shoulder to avoid traffic
  6. Entering a motorway from a slip road without adequate observations or signals
  7. Driving too slowly
  8. Speeding
  9. Use of the outside lane by LGV’s
  10. Stopping on the hard shoulder when there is no emergency

GEM Motoring Assist’s CEO, David Williams, MBE, said: “We believe that bad motorway driving such as tailgating and driving in the middle lane when the left hand lane is empty should definitely be more strictly enforced as it is this kind of careless driving that can lead to frustration, annoyance and possible accidents.”

What do you feel is the worst motorway driving offence?

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