Tuesday 26 April 2011

Survey reveals motorists sacrificing safety to cut fuel costs, Good Garage Scheme reads.

Car insurance firm Swinton have revealed in a survey that some motorists are prepared to take great risks in their attempts to cut their fuel costs.

A worrying finding of the survey is that more than one in four who participated in the poll admitted to “coasting” as one way of reducing their motoring outgoings, without fear of the dangers of doing so. Also, almost one in five of the surveyed believed the practice to not be a hazardous one.

Coasting – driving in neutral or with the clutch pressed down, can affect the following:

•    Steering – especially when cornering
•    Vehicle speed – downhill will rise quickly
•    Foot brake – more frequent use can lessen effectiveness
•    Gears – increased difficulty in appropriate gear selection

Swinton’s Steve Chelton said: 'We're concerned that motorists are sacrificing safety in an attempt to save on fuel costs. The cost of getting into an accident, which could then lead to a car insurance claim, is definitely greater than whatever marginal savings in fuel costs you will get from coasting or not using your car lights.'

Winding windows down rather than using air conditioning systems and turning off car stereos were methods of saving money employed by seventeen and eight percent of those surveyed respectively.

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