Tuesday 12 April 2011

MOT timing changes proposed by Government, Good Garage Scheme reads.

Since its inception in 1967, the MOT test carried out in the UK has remained virtually unchanged. The Transport Secretary, Philip Hammond believes with the progress made in safety and technology that changes can be made to the existing format.

There are three options being proposed to be discussed in a consultation with the MOT trade, motoring and road safety organisations.

1.    Initial MoT after four years (rather than three), then annually afterwards.
2.    First MoT after four years, then another test two years later, then annual testing.
3.    Primary test after four years, the next three MoT tests biannually, then annual testing.

The proposals have been met with criticism from consumer association Which? who believe that the small annual costs savings made do not justify the ramifications for car safety.

AA President Edmund King has also voiced his concerns: ‘We have surveyed 60,000 drivers and most of them think we should stick with the current regime. Rather than being a burden on the driver, we think it’s a good safety reminder for once a year.’

The proposed change is seen as a method of appeasing the motorist in the light of the ever increasing fuel prices seen during this year. MoT costs can increase substantially with work required on areas such as tyres or brake discs to pass on a vehicle re-test.

Mr Hammond added: ‘This will be a genuine consultation and we want to work with the industry and motorists to get the decision absolutely right.’

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Ellie said...

I think the MOT should stay the same. Once every year is best for picking up hazards on your car. Plus, i think the new opposed bi annually MOT's will serve to just confuse.