Thursday 13 January 2011

New police deterrent to speeding in West Midlands hits the roads, Good Garage Scheme hears.

Starting with a fortnight’s trial period, West Midlands Police have acquired a fully- liveried Lotus Evora on loan to patrol roads including the M6 toll road, the M62, M42 and M5 as a new deterrent to speeding in the region. 

For any speeding motorist thinking of trying to outrun the car in pursuit, this car can accelerate to 60 mph in under five seconds and can attain speeds up to 168 miles per hour. In short, it’s Britain’s fastest police car.

Talking to the Daily Mail newspaper, PC Angus Nairn said:  ‘It’s a very quick car and we hope it will prove an effective deterrent to anyone thinking of speeding or trying to outrun us. It will attract a lot of attention on the motorways but that is the whole idea - it will remind drivers of the need to keep to the speed limits at all times.’

PC Steven Rounds, from the Central Motorway Police Group, added: ‘The Lotus is a visually stunning machine which offers us the opportunity to engage with the public and reinforce and promote the life-saving messages of road safety.’

In the past, Lotus have loaned out other models to police forces, including the Esprit and the Elise. Forces across Europe have acquired high performance cars to assist policing and Britain has joined the élite with the Evora.

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