Tuesday 12 October 2010

Good Garage Scheme members work together over 150 miles to help customer in distress

When John Dicker of Moor Park Garage in Devon received a call from a customer in distress, the UK-wide network of over 2,900 garages on the Good Garage Scheme became a key to helping out his customer.

The daughter of the customer had gone on a short break holiday, broken down, and was stuck in the middle of nowhere with no transport and at a loss on what to do. A recovery service had told her that the cam belt had snapped and severe engine damage had occurred.

Thankfully Sophie phoned her mum and dad, who then called Moor Park garage. John advised them that rather than scrapping the vehicle, that through the network of garages on the Good Garage Scheme John could find them a good garage in the area that would recover her car and repair it at a fair and honest price.

Johns customers were hesitant at first - how do you find a good garage you can trust over 150 miles away? But with the postcode of where Sophie had broken down, John logged on to the Good Garage Scheme website and found Trotting Mare Garage in Wrexham, who had fantastic feedback and offered recovery.

John said, “I called Daniel Barber and explained the situation. I asked Daniel if he could give me a price for the recovery, cam belt kit, water pump, Inlet and exhaust valves, head gasket set and anti freeze.

Daniel called me very quickly with the price, so I then called my customer and advised them of the estimated price, explaining what I had done and asked them if they would like me to ask Daniel to proceed. Daniel then contacted the daughter directly and recovered the vehicle, who was able to hire a car and safely make her way back to Exeter."

Without the network of good garages on the Good Garage Scheme Sophie’s breakdown could have taken a very different route. John explained, “This story highlights how Good Garage Scheme members are able to use the network for their customers advantage when these problems occur”.

If you would like to know more about the Good Garage Scheme and how they can help you, visit www.goodgaragescheme.com.

Trotting Mare Garage
Moor Park Garage

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