Wednesday 7 July 2010

Which Gender is the Better Driver? The Good Garage Scheme Finds Insurance Study an Interesting Insight

The ongoing battle of who the better driver is of the two sexes appears never-ending, or is it?

A study by insurance company Diamond has discovered male motorists are more likely to collide head-on in a collision, whereas female motorists are more likely to claim for bumps and scrapes.

The study of over two million accidents revealed that men tend to drive much faster and more aggressively than women, resulting in claims for high speed accidents where loss of control is a key factor. Women claimed more frequently for slower speed collisions where cars are closer together, such as roundabouts and hitting cars from behind.

Trends over the past five years showed male motorists are also the bigger risk takers, being more likely to drive into crash barriers, up and down embankments, drive through floods, hit trees and experience car fires.

The study also revealed that women are more likely to have their possessions stolen, whereas men are more likely to have their cars stolen outright.

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FOXY Lady Drivers Club said...

I think this may be to do with the fact that women, traditionally, drive fewer miles than men and are more likely to do theirs locally. Therefore the chances of them having serious motorway accidents at speed are reduced.
Similarly women are more likely to be found in local car parks with children; the unsurprising fact about having children in your car is that it is very difficult to concentrate on other things hence the occasional (and usually contained within our insurance policy excess) ding, dent and minor scrapes reported. Hardly worth a big fuss really - unless the press release was written by a man that is ;-).