Friday 7 May 2010

The Good Garage Scheme asks; could drivers be left dangling by a hung parliament?

With the news spreading through Britain of a hung parliament, how will this move into uncertain waters effect motorists?

One of the immediate worries is that the pound could fall, driving up the costs of imports such as petrol. This alone could see a £45 rise in petrol costs per year for the average motorist. Another worry is the very policies voted for might not be implemented. The main parties will soon be making deals and back room decisions with each other on how the country will be run, including motoring issues.

The Conservatives have promised to consult on a ‘Fair Fuel Stabliser’ that would cut fuel duty when oil prices rise and increase it when prices fall. They have also proposed to ban all funding for fixed speed cameras and give motorists the opportunity to campaign for the removal of excessive traffic lights.

The Liberal Democrats have promised to cut the major roads budget and ‘switch traffic from road to rail by investing in local rail improvements, such as opening closed rail lines and adding extra tracks’. They also have plans to scrap the current VED tax system in favour of ‘Revenue Neutral’ road pricing – charging motorists more if they use roads which are deemed to have public transport alternatives. The Liberal Democrats have also expressed an interest in lowering the drink-drive limit to 50mg.

Labour has pledged to extend the hard-shoulder running on motorways and widening targeted motorways such as the M25 to ease traffic congestion. Labour has also proposed improvements to rail services and investment in a high-speed rail network between the North and South.

While the hung parliament means an undecided future for these manifesto plans and the future of Britain, the Good Garage Scheme continues to support motorists and garages during this uncertain time.

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