Monday 22 February 2010

Good Garage Scheme tips to help you if we see any more ice and snow!

Before you set off:
  1. Plan your journey ahead – consult a route planner, but also keep an up-to-date roadmap in your car.

  2. Remove all ice and snow from your vehicle.

  3. Do not drive having cleared only a small area of your windscreen - it is illegal to drive with poor visibility.

  4. Ensure your mobile phone is fully-charged in case of a breakdown.

  5. Use de-icer to clear your windows – hot water may crack the glass. Keep the de-icer and scraper in the car.

  6. Fill-up with more than enough fuel for your journey. Drivers use more fuel when driving in stop/start conditions.

  7. If you are planning a long journey remember - a flask of warm drink, blanket, boots, spade and a torch.

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