Monday 11 January 2010

Helping employees avoid hitting the skids!

It’s not only the recession that bites. We are in the grip of the coldest winter for 30 years and motorists are at risk more than ever in perilous sub-zero temperatures. In biting economic and weather conditions, it’s vital that motorists who use their cars for work keep their vehicles in tip-top condition to avoid hitting the skids.

Danger of driving in arctic conditions?
Driving in arctic conditions presents many challenges and the best way to meet those challenges is to be prepared. Identifying any potential defects with your car as early as possible can help avoid problems that can not only hit you hard in the pocket, but can also risk your health on the roads. Many checks can seem like common sense like oil, tyre pressure and tread, wipers, windscreens and lights.

So what’s the answer?
The Good Garage Scheme’s re-launched comprehensive 20-point winter check-up is the perfect solution to help you avoid hitting the skids this winter. The essential winter motoring package includes checking:

• The condition and levels of antifreeze.
• Engine oil.
• Brakes and tyres.
• Windscreens.
• Wipers and lights.

It is also recommended that coolant systems are drained and cleansed thoroughly using a Cooling System Flush, which is designed to remove rust and lime scale build up. With these contaminants removed, the coolant will perform more efficiently and will flow freely throughout the system.

After flushing, the system can be refilled with fresh coolant plus a Cooling System Conditioner. This important treatment ensures smooth running of the system by preventing further corrosion and erosion, overheating and scale formation. Using a Conditioner is particularly important for cars equipped with aluminium engine blocks and cylinder heads as these are more susceptible to corrosion and erosion problems than their cast iron counterparts.

What to do next?
Simply logon to and type in your postcode to find your nearest Good Garage Scheme member garage. A self-regulatory body for independent workshops and MOT centres, the Scheme ensures the best industry standards are maintained by its 2,811 members.

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