Monday 9 November 2009

Good Garage Scheme takes the chill out of winter motoring

Ignoring the need for a thorough vehicle check before the onslaught of winter could put motorists at risk.

Changes in the weather, with cooler temperatures on their way, highlight issues that often go unseen during warmer weather. The Good Garage Scheme has drawn up a comprehensive 20-point check up for driving a more roadworthy and reliable vehicle in winter conditions. The Good Garage Scheme has made this 20 point checklist freely available to its 2,835 plus members.

Good Garage Scheme members make it easy for their customers to get expert advice on the condition of their vehicles before winter sets in. They can be assured that any servicing work required will be of first class standard and that their vehicles will then be in great condition to tackle the winter weather. They can easily locate their nearest Good Garage Scheme workshop using the website

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