Tuesday 13 October 2009

Vehicle maintenance tips

  1. Carrying spare bulbs for your car is always very handy. In fact, on mainland Europe it's compulsory to carry an emergency bulb kit. Just put them in your boot and make sure your owner's manual is handy so you know how to fit them.

  2. Try to avoid hitting your tyres against kerbs, especially when parking. It can cause the tyre to weaken without showing any damage on the outside.

  3. Check your spare tyre from time to time you never know when you might need it. And it's an offence to fit a spare that's not roadworthy.

  4. We recommend you change your wiper blades every six months, even if they haven't been used very often. This is because the rubber deteriorates over time when exposed to the atmosphere.

We'll leave you to decide whether these tips work for you or not. However, please let common sense prevail at all times.

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