Monday 26 October 2009

How to sell a used car - advice from The Good Garage Scheme

Top Ten Tips from The Good Garage Scheme for selling your used car

1. Make your used car look great, sounds obvious but cleaning your car inside and out can make it easier to sell and get you a better price.
2. Have your documents ready. Buyers will want to see your log book (V5) and MOT as well as any receipts, service records and handbooks.
3. Price your car sensibly; an overpriced used car will put potential buyers off. Check online or use a car price guide to gauge the market.
4. Decide where to advertise, whether in local classifieds and/or reach a wider market online. List any faults or extras in your advert and answer any questions honestly.
5. Get your paperwork in order. Your used car will sell easier if it has a recent MOT and has been serviced. Make sure it is taxed so the buyer can drive away. Get any minor faults fixed before advertising your car.
6. Expect to haggle on price but don't accept a price lower than you are happy with. If you're not confident seeing buyers alone, ask a friend to join you.
7. Provide a receipt stating your second hand car is "sold as seen" and keep a signed copy for yourself.
8. Post the paperwork once the car is sold and make sure the new owner has provided their details and signed the V5 owner's document.
9. Always accompany prospective buyers on a test drive when selling a used car. Ask if their insurance covers them to drive other cars and ask to see a copy of their insurance.
10. Once you've agreed a deal never hand over your car until you have received payment. Check that any cash payment is genuine and wait for a cheque payment to clear before you part with your keys.

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